Music from the Angels

It was October 1994 and I had my angel store, Angel Wings, in downtown Scottsdale had only been open for a couple of weeks. It was a beautiful day out and I had my door open to the courtyard, Kiva Center. I could hear soft music coming from someone in the courtyard. It was so soft and beautiful, so I went outside to investigate where it was coming from. I met a beautiful soul, Grady Soine that day. He was working on a song that sounded like it was meant just for the angels. Grady and I connected that day on a soul level, his passion for his work and how his music came to him was awe-inspiring. I made a decision that day to carry sell his music at Angel Wings. He entitled the song he was working on that day, Angel Whispers and he dedicated that song to me. Grady and I continue to this day to be good friends.

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